Patient Testimonials

Some of our patients wanted to share their own stories of how our chiropractic, massage, and NRT services have benefited them. We are happy to put them on our site and we hope it may help you to see some of the many ways in our services can improve your wellbeing.

As a college wrestler I sustained a neck injury. For a long time I had stiffness and pain in my neck and shoulders, headaches, and shooting pain down my arm. The last thing I wanted to do was get surgery at 25 years old so I ended up going to Okemos Chiropractic Health Clinic and meeting with Dr. Sarah. I am so glad I did. Today, 4 years later, I have very few symptoms from my injury. Dr. Sarah really knows what she is doing and is exceptionally caring! I would recommend her to anybody experiencing neck or back pain.

Brandon Carter

Dr. Sarah is excellent! She always takes such great care of me when I'm having issues with my back. I have recently been experiencing some pain in my jaw and she has been adjusting me to alleviate the pain and discomfort for that as well. She is an overall awesome person and really takes the time needed to help me feel better! You are missing out if you are not seeing Dr. Sarah for your chiropractic care! Also, Nancy at the front desk is just amazing and always has a smile on her face and is happy to see me whenever I come in!

Lisa Lemanski

Dear Sarah,

I am sending you this letter as a thank you to you for all of the wonderful Chiropractic care that you give to our family. As you know, I am a 40 yo women who suffered from migraine headaches 6-7 times a week. I also suffered from neck, shoulder, and back pain. I am a secretary that works 8 hours a day. I was a very skeptical person about chiropractic care. Well guess what? I am no longer a skeptic.I have been coming to you since September of 2009. My migraine headaches are down to maybe 1 a week. My pain is cut almost down to nothing most of the time. You are always so willing to squeeze me into your schedule and I really appreciate that.
As you know my daughter Kaitlyn is a whole different story.
Kaitlyn is a 15 year old student/athlete that is 5 foot 10 1/2 inches tall. Kaitlyn has grown so tall so fast, that her body has had a hard time keeping up with itself. She suffered from stiffness and chronic back/pelvic/abdomen pain and tightness. She plays 3 sports a year. (2 sports in the summer months) She was continuously having her dad pick her up and crack her back. You have finally broken him of that bad habit.
She has been coming to you for 1 1/2 years. She feels so much better, and her coaches cannot believe the difference in her movement and the lack of pain that she is in. She gets a little stiff now and then and says "Mama can I please go and see doctor Sarah? I always feel so much better when I go and see her." You also give us other remedies to take care of any problems that arise, that do not involve us taking numerous over the counter medicines. We thank you so much for everything. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone that is suffering from any of the problems that we had. Also, if people are looking for a chiropractor that cares about their patients, you should be their number one choice.

Thank you again for everything.
I hope that you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season.

Brenda M. Moran
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For ten years I have suffered with severe pain in both hands due to carpal tunnel, spondylosis, and arthritis in my neck. Conventional western medicine did not seem interested in addressing the problem and simply wanted to solve it by surgery, a surgery that does not have a very high success rate which when the knife is coming at you, one would like a success rate closer to 99.99% (well, actually 100.0%).
For ten years I pursued self treatment to correct these problems with some degree of success. During this time a quiet inner voice was mentioning that there might be other possibilities. Due to outside influences that ‘other’ (yikes: chiropractic) possibility was not considered seriously until the
intervention of one person.
Dr. Sarah, whom I had known previously, moved her practice to Okemos and presented the possibility that there could be a chiropractic solution to my long term problems. There would be only one chiropractor (although I’m sure there are many other good ones out there) who I would trust that could actually provide relief and Dr. Sarah is it. And so, with a small amount of trepidation and a large amount of open mind, I proceeded to her office for an evaluation and proposed treatment.
Being the scientific sort I like to be able to understand a true cause and effect in most situations and Dr. Sarah was able to explain how, upon reviewing my situation, the various aspects of my body’s condition could be affecting my nerves to cause my discomfort. The whole concept of chiropractic was making much better sense. The more so because Dr. Sarah explained that in the realm of health care, chiropractic is one component and at times a different approach is necessary which she is determined to provide through her contacts in the osteopath or allopath medical fields.
Well, the proof is in the pudding and after two months (plus) of treatments the improvement in my hands is quite amazing. They are responding to treatment at a much faster rate than I would have anticipated. I can get much better use from them with much reduced discomfort, so much the so that I
expect they will return to normal which will be greatly appreciated by a young-at-heart middle aged guy who needs his hands for his profession. Along with the improvement in my hands is a nice improvement in neck rotation freedom and nicely improved mobility in my back. All things which
greatly contribute to a better enjoyment of work and recreation.
What a joy to become reacquainted with Dr. Sarah and her healing touch, both in manipulation and nutritional therapy. I am very pleased with her preference that both she and I are involved in my health care. While the office and staff at Okemos Chiropractic Health Clinic are of the highest order and so pleasant to visit, my involvement through her education and my subsequent home therapy have greatly speeded the process of rehabilitation.
Thank-you Dr. Sarah Tietsort for offering me a much better quality of life.
Kindest regards,

B. Fehr
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What an awesome responsibility we have as parents to raise and protect our children.  As parents, you’re immediately bombarded with decisions you have to make on behalf of your children.  Immunizations and medications are two decisions we constantly struggle with.  When you read the potential side affects that alone is enough to cause concern and is completely overwhelming. For us, chiropractic care delivers a level of comfort that traditional medicine doesn’t due to the fact that it provides the body with a natural way of healing from within. An added benefit is that it provides a checks and balances with the pediatric care that you may be receiving.  There are many confusing things that often come up when dealing with the various ailments children encounter.  Having that second opinion from a Chiropractor provides parents with a well-informed approach to make decisions on behalf of their children.
As a couple that has reaped the benefits of chiropractic care for many years, there was absolutely no doubt that we would provide the same natural care for our two children after they were born.  We initially sought chiropractic treatment for our daughter after she became ill and was sick for many weeks.  After seeking chiropractic care for only a week, we noticed significant improvement in her immune system and respiratory functions. As we continue to take her, we notice very few illnesses throughout the year due to a strengthened immune system.  Our son has also greatly benefited from chiropractic care.  Shortly after he was born, his pediatrician told us that he had reflux.  Our son became increasingly irritable, had difficulty breathing and at times exhibited signs of choking.   After two chiropractic treatments, we noticed that the symptoms he was experiencing lessened.  As an increased bonus, he also became more alert, seemed less stressed and was also able to relax.   
We owe our gratitude to Dr. Sarah Tietsort for the chiropractic care she has given and will continue to give to our family.  She is extremely gentle and compassionate, which brings an immediate calmness to both our children and us.  Dr. Sarah does a wonderful job of explaining her treatment and why it is beneficial to the body as a whole.  As a family that seeks chiropractic care, our overall well-being is enhanced.  What chiropractic care has done for our family could be beneficial to yours as well.    
Sadie and Chris Adams
Okemos, Michigan

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I have been seeing a chiropractor for many years.  So, I made numerous visits to the office while I was pregnant to help alleviate lower back pain and leg swelling.  Dr. Sarah said that these adjustments would help to make the delivery easier, too.  She was right.  I delivered naturally without an epidural or narcotics.
Once my daughter was born, I got myself adjusted but did not realize how chiropractic could help my newborn.  After weeks of my newborn, Ashley, crying constantly and spitting up all the time, I finally talked to Dr. Sarah.  Ashley fit the description of a baby with acid reflux.  I was afraid that I would have to stop nursing her and put her on formula and medication.  After Dr. Sarah adjusted her mid-back and neck, she stopped crying, nursed really well and fell right to sleep.  It brings me to tears thinking about that first adjustment and how it changed our lives.  You don’t understand a baby with severe colic until you have one.  She would only sleep when she was so exhausted from crying that she had to sleep.  Most of the time you could not cradle her, you would have to hold her upright to help with the acid reflux.  After that I would bring Ashley in on a regular basis to maintain her alignment.  In addition to this, Dr. Sarah found a click in Ashley’s hip that the hospital missed.  She is four years old and her hip is fine.  She does gymnastics, dance, and even basketball without any problems.  When she walks in the office, she jumps up on the table because she knows the adjustment makes her feel better.  I highly recommend getting your child checked by a chiropractor no matter how young they are.
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“About a year ago, I met Dr. Sarah through a friend and found out she was a Chiropractor. I had never considered going to a Chiropractor before and I wasn’t in a hurry to start. I had thrown my back out a year or two earlier, but I had been going to a Massage Therapist and was feeling pretty good. I didn’t feel like I needed an adjustment, but was I wrong!
Some of my co-workers had been talking about the benefits of seeing a Chiropractor so one day my wife and I decided to give it a try. We stopped into see Dr. Sarah and she had us do our initial exam. Of course Dr. Sarah took x-rays, but the nice thing was that she also took the time to explain what she was seeing in the x-ray to me and my wife. It was pretty obvious to all of us that some things needed to be aligned. Dr. Sarah performed many tests before ever doing the adjustment. One of the most interesting tests was when she had me stand on two scales, one foot on each. It shows if you carry your weight evenly between your two feet, I was amazed to see how many pounds I favored one side. Dr. Sarah explained all of my options from the adjustment to shoe inserts.
Finally came the adjustment and what an unbelievable difference after the first visit. I had no idea the range of motion I was missing in my neck, I felt like my head was on a swivel when she was done. I do a lot of running and Dr. Sarah’s adjustments have helped my neck, back, knees, wrists and ankles.
One of the things that show Dr. Sarah really cares is that if she finds a spot that doesn’t adjust easily, she won’t force it, she’ll work on it for a few visits and eventually it will naturally fall into place. Dr. Sarah has even turned me onto Herbal Supplements and they really work!
My wife and I have been extremely pleased with the level of care and attention that Dr. Sarah has shown us. She is always willing to fit you in and the adjustment only takes a few minutes. Don’t wait like I did, start feeling better today!”
Tony N.
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I was adamantly opposed to seeing a chiropractor until I was 35 years old.... I have suffered from severe allergies my entire life, I have had migraine headaches for years, and I have had long term chronic “low level” illnesses that never seem to completely go away, for most of my adult life. Then I met Sarah Tietsort. Dr. Sarah began to talk to me about getting “adjusted” and how much it could help my health and overall wellbeing. I was not convinced. I have been to medical doctors, used massage therapists, taken countless prescriptions, received weekly allergy injections, and still I continued to have health problems.
Dr. Sarah explained to me that she would take x-rays of my spine, do a complete evaluation of my physical person, interview me about my health history, and then come up with a plan for my chiropractic care. So I agreed to give it a try.... I had done everything else, so why not!
I will admit I was nervous to be adjusted for the first time. I will also admit that about ten minutes after my first adjustment the headache that I lived with daily started to lessen. I thought this was just a coincidence, or that the relief would be short lived..... but I was wrong. My headache continued to subside, and my neck and shoulders began to feel looser. Over the next few months I became what I like to call a chiropractic “addict.” I became acutely aware of my body, and in particular when my body was “out of alignment.” The frequency and severity of my headaches was greatly reduced; and this was reward enough. However, what I found was that for the first time in my entire life, I stopped taking my prescription allergy medication. I have taken prescription allergy medication for my entire life, year round. If I didn’t, I could not see or breath. I have not taken ANY allergy medication for a year now, and the only change in my life has been the addition of Dr. Sarah and her chiropractic care.
I live a very active life style including riding horses. I recently fell off of a horse and hurt my hip and lower back. Dr. Sarah was able to help me recover from this fall by correcting my alignment which helped my hip and lower back to heal on their own. I can honestly say that I have never felt “healthier” in my life than I do now.
I encourage anyone to come and talk to Dr. Sarah. She has made a tremendous difference in my life, and I believe she can make anyone feel better!
Carrie N.
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I know that I am not a very good patient, but you have opened my eyes to chiropractic care.

Here it goes,
For all my adult years, I have been quite skeptical of chiropractic care. That changed when I met Dr. Sarah at a networking meeting one day. She told me what she could do with my aches and pains in the shoulder region. So, I went to her the following week. After a full body x-ray work up, she not only knew how to treat my aches in my shoulder, but she noticed several other areas that were causing problems.
She showed me each x-ray and pointed out that this area and that area should be causing pain. Dr. Sarah was correct on the pain, but I had been living with it so long I ignored it. She recommended several courses of action to alleviate and correct the damage that was present.
As for my shoulder, after one adjustment, my flexibility returned to that area and I could actually touch my back. I have not been able to touch my back with my right arm for over 30 years. This was precipitated by an old sports injury.
Dr. Sarah has enlightened me to the benefits of continuous chiropractic care. Her "bed-side manner" is extraordinary along with her obvious up-to-date knowledge of how the body works.
Dr. Sarah has made me a believer of chiropractic care. Without her expertise, I would continue to live in pain.

Ron Alexander
Owner H & H Jewelry Design
Lansing, MI

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My daughter is 5 years old and was still having trouble with potty training.  She had been to a urologist and had gone through a number of tests.  When an ultrasound was done of the bladder and the technician said my daughter’s bladder was full and my daughter kept telling me all the way to the bathroom that she didn’t have to go – I realized that she could not even feel when she needed to go.  We went back to the urologist and he told me there was nothing more he could do.
So, 3 weeks after going to the urologist, we went to Dr. Sarah.  We actually went to her to be tested for allergies.  My daughter had very dark circles around her eyes that I was concerned about.  When we went to Dr. Sarah, she did some NRT on my daughter, which showed that she had some sensitivity to some specific foods.  Dr. Sarah also gave my daughter an adjustment.  During the week after that adjustment, my daughter began saying “I think I have to go to the bathroom!”  This had not happened before!  Currently, she now stays dry during the whole day (She was having 2-3 accidents each day!)   We are still working on staying dry at night but I am seeing improvement.  When the urologist said there was nothing he could do, Dr. Sarah gave us hope!
Dr. Sarah is great with kids and my daughter loves going to see her.  Over the past year, my daughter had enough of going to doctors.  She would cry whenever she had to go.  The first time my daughter was very anxious to go to see Dr. Sarah, but Dr. Sarah was able to relate to my daughter and put her at ease.    It is also a treat to see Carley, the office’s therapy dog.

Marla Rigas
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